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Lawson Street bike and pedestrian improvements

Connecting the Wilson Street and Wells Street cycleways
The proposal includes a separated cycleway across the northern side of the Lawson Street railway bridge, which will involve removing the metal railing and restricting the roadway to one lane in each direction. This separated cycleway will be continued across Lawson Square by resuming the loading and bus lane and some footpath. The work to connect up the two existing cycleways is funded by the State Government, as it will provide a much needed connection for riders between Newtown and the inner city.

Lawson Street from Redfern station towards Sydney University
The proposal is for the staged removal of trees from the footpath on the southern side of Lawson Street, between Little Eveleigh Street and Ivy Lane, with new tree plantings in the adjoining parking strip. The aim is to allow greater space to accommodate the high pedestrian volumes going to and from the university. The new work will link to the recently completed Abercrombie Street upgrade; however, asphalt, rather than paving, has been proposed for Lawson Street. Three parking spots will be lost as part of the proposed change.

Parts of the northern footpath near Eveleigh Street and the southern footpath around the station exit on Lawson Street, around Little Eveleigh Street, and at Ivy Lane will be widened to increase holding capacity. The widening at Little Eveleigh will also make it possible for bikes to wait to cross Lawson Street without obstructing pedestrians.

The creation of a raised pedestrian crossing at Lawson Street closer to Little Eveleigh Street will make it easier for pedestrians and bikes to cross to the northern side of Lawson Street and for pedestrians to make better use of that footpath. A speed hump will also be introduced near Gibbons Street to decrease traffic speed around the station and to reinforce the 40 km speed limit in place for Lawson and Abercrombie Streets.

The existing bus stop in Lawson Square will be relocated to Redfern Street and the community bus stop in Lawson Street will be relocated to Little Eveleigh Street. The de facto “kiss and drops” in Lawson Street near Little Eveleigh and Eveleigh will be lost to footpath widening.

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