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Introducing Dalara Williams

We’ve heard a few stories about your adventures in 2013-2014. What have been the highlights for you?

Having the opportunity to travel this beautiful country Australia, doing the work I love to do and having family members see me perform for the first time.

Do you enjoy travelling? What places have you visited you’d never been before? Most memorable characters you’ve met?

I do enjoy traveling when I can. I got to visit many places I’ve never been before. I went to Melbourne for the first time, South Australia, Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory … so many places. Most memorable characters would have to be in the Northern Territory, seeing so much Indigenous culture, language and traditions being practised everyday. People that are so aware of their surrounding and country is a beautiful sight to see.

How has your approach to singing and acting changed over the past year or so? What have you found most inspiring, challenging, gruelling?

I’m having more trust in my approach, trust in myself, overall feeling more confident towards acting. Singing, on the other hand, I still find it gruelling to sing on my own in front of an audience but it’s something I’m working on.

Study at NIDA will be an incredible experience. What was the interview, audition and selection process like?

The audition process for NIDA was interesting. You hear so many stories of how hard it is to get in and how tough the process is. For the auditions I was surprisingly calm. I walked in with a positive attitude. I just wanted to do my best, have fun and show them what I had, and I guess that worked.

What are you most excited about in 2015?

Studying, of course. Other than that I’m not sure, but I know I’ll be ready for whatever 2015 throws at me.

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