Friday, May 20, 2022
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Human influence over land

In discovering anthropogenic, post-natural landscapes Round then sets out to document the evidence of these surreal relationships between humans and their natural and man-made surroundings.

“I find human manufactured environments dynamic and exciting because they are in a constant state of flux – humans create a myriad of new subject matters daily,” he said. “The changes they make to nature dramatically alter it irrevocably. It is an anthropogenic ‘cycle of time’ that I find fascinating.”

The selection of photographs in Evidence is from places across Australia and overseas: from Sanur in Bali, to Cornwall in England, to places much closer to home – Homebush, Dural, Botany and Western Sydney. This selection of abandoned urban landscapes is as mysterious and melancholic, as it is beautiful and strange.

Chris Round is a fine art photographer, based in Sydney. He has worked in advertising, winning many creative accolades including a coveted Grand Prix at Cannes (

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