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Help Sydney Food Share assist people doing it tough during lockdown

The extension of this latest Covid-related lockdown has meant many vulnerable people in Greater Sydney are doing it tough.

Sydney Food Share’s (SFS) committed volunteers see the crisis first hand – and you only need to scroll through SFS’s Facebook posts for a moment to feel how deeply it’s biting.

In July, SFS volunteers made contactless deliveries of food hampers to:

A single mum with five kids three with special needs from Airds who is finding it hard to cope with no money, not much food and the kids home and in total lock down.

A single dad and three kids over 10 who are going through an incredibly tough time. “Our hearts go out to them,” an SFS coordinator says, “and the food is just our tiny way of saying ‘Take care, reach out, stay safe’.”

A mum from Appin with two kids who didn’t need much just a few things to tide them over.

A 73-yr-old Koori elder living alone in Wentworthville, with no family or transport and unable to cook as she needs to be on her walker a lot of the time.

Families in need in the Claymore area.

And the list goes on …

In fact, SFS even helps people with non-food items when it can, like it did for a mum with six kids whose house burnt down. One regular giver to SFS sent in gift cards for the mum to buy underwear – “Something that should always be new” – as JB from SFS said.

Sydney Food Share exists to make a difference at a local level by collecting basic food items and distributing wherever needed.

It believes nobody should be struggling with hunger. No child should be going through the day with hunger-pains.

Please message the SFS page on Facebook when you are ready to donate. Due to the unknowns, lockdowns and changing regulations, drop-off details sometimes need to change.

Your donation, no matter how humble, can help families doing it tough all around Sydney.

Collected items are given freely to whoever is in need, no fees, no questions asked. SFS will help anyone in genuine need. Hampers are Covid-safely picked up from Stanmore or Douglas Park after you message the page and a specific arrangement made.

SFS is not a storefront, supermarket or food-warehouse; every single hamper is put together in consultation with whoever is reaching out and according to their need. The entire process is carefully executed but can all happen within a couple of hours, if pick-up arrangements are followed through.

During Covid-19 Sydney Food Share needs additional donations and support as it is a very stressful time for families.

SFS is grateful to everyone who has made a donation to assist it to aid others.

Founder Freny Ardeshir says, “Kindness is everything and change for the better happens one kind gesture at a time.

“There are so many ways to help, including online orders, your own food collection that can build every time you shop for yourself, your own fundraising event, a modest monthly donation of goods that your small business sells, an online contribution to the SFS bank account – please message the Facebook page for details!”

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