Wednesday, June 1, 2022
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Heffron, it’s on!

About 30 people came together to discuss the visions and policies of the candidates. The gathering was one of optimism and passion. The community holds a lot of anger over lack of attention to transport, public health, public housing and same-sex marriage and is demanding immediate action by the next Member for Heffron.

Mehreen Faruqi assured the meeting that the Greens have a firm action plan when addressing sustainable development and accessible transport. Dr Faruqi informed the audience that with a background in civil/environmental engineering and lecturing, she felt comfortable with the level of work needed to ensure the community of participation and support. Dr Faruqi believes in multiculturalism and has actively been involved in sustainability and social justice projects for over 15 years.

Labor’s Ron Hoenig has been Mayor of the City of Botany Bay for over 30 years. Mr Hoenig, a Barrister at Law and a Public Defender, delivered a relaxed but firm address, arguing that it was Heffron’s time to fight for its demands, and that he would be proud to fight for his community. “As a born, raised and educated member of the Heffron community,” he said, “I would take it upon myself to represent the community.”

Despite the cold, the solid turnout reflected Heffron’s active engagement and concern for better choices within a multifaceted and multicultural neighbourhood.

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