Sunday, June 12, 2022
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Funding to break domestic violence cycle

“We’re delighted to receive this support from Community Sector Banking – such investments in innovative, holistic programs are vital to address entrenched social issues in our society, like family violence,” said Father Chris Riley, CEO and Founder of Youth Off The Streets.

“Time and again we see children who were exposed to violence, grow up and experience it all over again in their own relationships. If we’re to be serious about addressing domestic violence, it’s critical that we get to the root of it and break this cycle,” Father Riley said.

The program, Power Within, provides young people at risk with the tools and skills they need to identify and stop family violence, and build their resilience. It has two key components: education workshops and equine assisted therapy, and aims to support 50 young people in the next 12 months.

Kieran Turner, State Business Manager NSW & ACT of not-for-profit specialist banking service Community Sector Banking, said he was honoured to support Youth Off The Streets’ new program.

“Programs that address the root cause of social issues are key to help strengthen our communities, and this innovative program does just that. It’s not only about reaching out to young people at risk, but providing them with the support they need to identify the signs, build their resilience, and ultimately break the intergenerational cycle of violence,” Mr Turner said.

Bruce Argyle, Chair of the independent Social Investment Grants Committee, said Community Sector Banking’s annual Social Investment Grants program was designed to strengthen Australian not-for-profits, and in turn strengthen communities.

“We had the highest calibre and largest number of entries this year. Youth Off The Streets offered one of the most impressive examples of a holistic program that can really make a difference in the lives of young Australians,” said Mr Argyle, who has judged the grants program since it began in 2014.


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