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Fun and futsal – Athlete Profile: Gabriel Haslam

Do you know what futsal is? I didn’t until I found out that it’s another name for indoor football, or soccer (for those like me who have trouble understanding the football codes). I am fortunate to know Gabriel Haslam. He plays in a local competition and I was delighted that he could take the time to answer some of my questions.

Gabriel Haslam
Gabriel Haslam. (Photo: Supplied)

What team do you play for?
The All Saints.

How long have you played?
Two years for indoor soccer as well as seven years for outdoor soccer (with Leichhardt Saints).

What position do you play?
Usually midfield, however I also play striker, defence and goal keeper, depending on the coach’s strategy.

Why is it better to play indoors instead of outdoors?
Indoor soccer is a smaller, shorter game, however this means it is very fast-paced and this means quick reflexes are a must. There is also only five a side meaning you get a lot more touches on the ball than winter soccer.

How many teams play in your competition?
There are eight teams in total.

Has your team had a good year?
We have had a very good season this year, coming second overall going into the last round before the finals.

Because it’s indoor, do you play all year round?
We play only during summer, only because almost all of us play in outdoor winter soccer teams and the times are conflicting.

What has been the most fun, best game that you have played in?
The best game we played was the round 11 match against the Wolverines. I personally believe they are the best team in the comp, and yet we defeated them 4-1.

Do you want to play again after this year?
Oh, I would definitely like to play another season. The game is so exhilarating and fun.

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