Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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‘Feathers In the Clay’

I learned how not to quit, not to shirk
How to find nourishment within the work

How to depict a storm on its way
The black swans in their nest yesterday

I looked into the mirror, saw an eel
Head and tail, a sudden cloud conceal

And to the west, to the silver skies
Raised my right hand to protect my eyes

Ah, you always think the best of me
Show me the virtues of uncertainty

Sit there gazing into the abyss
Did you miss your moment? You won’t miss!

Light and shadow before the leap
White-faced heron at an angle steep

When I hold back, you hold back too
When I commit, there’s nothing you can’t do

But what if I weren’t here to persist?
Would you notice the objects that exist?

The rocks on the bank, blocks of time
My feet on fire, my feet in slime

If you’re tempted to blame or blaspheme
Remember this short report of a dream

Sunset most lovely on the last day
Under the water, feathers in the clay

In the middle where the big fish feed
Paddle on through the seagrass and weed

Make it clear, keep it rough, keep my balance
In, through the laws of wind and chance

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