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Early Central to Eveleigh timeframe

The Redfern Precinct, taking in Redfern Station and the Redfern end of North Eveleigh, is considered medium-term at 5-10 years, while the Central Station Precinct is considered medium to long-term at 5-20 years.

The two-page consultation document can be found at Also on the website is a Baseline Analysis that looks at the corridor’s significance both locally and on a broader scale. A report on the outcome from the 2013 preliminary consultation has also been posted, along with other project factsheets.

The “Concept Plan” sheet has been used for recent focus groups with randomly selected residents as well as at a meeting held on June 25 with resident groups. In addition to the possible precincts and staging, UrbanGrowth staff were looking for feedback on questions asked about six topic areas: Housing and Employment; Connections and Transport; Heritage and Culture; Sustainability; Public Spaces and Social Facilities and the ATP.

UrbanGrowth is making these reports public so the community can see what is being discussed. Some more material will follow shortly. They are open to feedback on the work to date and the issues raised. Have they missed anything in the Baseline Analysis that should be there? Do you have any additional comments to make to the issues raised in the preliminary discussion report or any comments on the questions asked on the “Concept Plan” sheet? If so send your comments to UrbanGrowth’s C2E Program Director Troy Daly:

A flythrough of how the site could be developed was shown to the Property Council and broadcast on Channel 9 but has not been made publically available. You can see the link to a YouTube version and some screen shots on the Central to Eveleigh tab at

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