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Deadly things happen in Redfern

I am a proud Wiradjuri woman, mother and grandmother. I was eager to enter the world. As my mother was walking home, she went into labour and an hour later I was born on a bench on Redfern Street, Redfern.

We lived in the Gilmore building and my grandmother lived across from us in the McKell building. I attended the Poets Corner Preschool which was located at the back of the building where I lived.

I remember a lady who worked at the church across the road on Young Street. She had lovely snow-white hair. Cathy. I used to visit the church from time to time, I think for Sunday School but definitely fun times.

I vividly recall one day after the kindy day, it was time to be collected, and at the gates, at the exact time that I was ready to exit, a lady was about to enter the gates with a chihuahua dog and as I bent down to pat the dog, the lady said, “Don’t touch the dog!” and in that very moment the dog jumped up and bit my upper lip.

I was then taken across the road to the doctor’s on Young Street, where I had stitches in my lip.

As a young mum I didn’t even think twice about enrolling my son into Poets Corner Preschool as I knew he would be well cared for.

I’m heavily active in the Aboriginal community and Redfern area, working in Aboriginal education and still living here.

I often drop off arts and crafts donations to the kindy.

It brings me so much joy to see all the positive changes and improvements that have been made to the Poets Corner Preschool since being a 4 year old.


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