Monday, August 1, 2022

Libby Hogan

Originally from Walgett Libby is studying Journalism and International Studies at UTS. She has been writing for SSH since 2011 and enjoys interviewing community members of South Sydney about current affairs, art and new initiatives in our local area. She enjoys travel and her next trip is planned for Mexico in 2014 where she will live for a year whilst studying.

Planning changes to Central Park

CHIPPENDALE: The Central Park development opposite the University of Technology, Sydney, looks set for further changes. Developers have applied to make a third modification to the approved concept plan by converting commercial space into student accommodation.

Five minutes with Kira-Lea Dargin

Kira-lea Dargin has recently started work as advertising manager with the SSH. She took some time out this month for a quick chat about her career in media and business.

Newtown Market here to stay

The Development Application approval for the Newtown Community Market in Newtown Square was renewed on October 15 at a meeting of Marrickville Council.

Newtown markets under threat of closure

NEWTOWN: The market in Newtown Square known for selling a range of clothes, crafts and vintage items, is under threat of closure. The Newtown Community Markets have existed since 2011 when Marrickville Council issued a permit for up to 70 stalls. The development application for the markets was to be renewed this year but on August 16 an email was sent to the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, which runs the markets, notifying that the markets would be closed down.

Rabbitohs all the way, say young fans

The Rabbitohs are on top of the table going into round 20 but the question is whether they can go all the way. The SSH took to Redfern Park to interview some of the youngest fans and find out how they are finding the season so far.

Refugee supporters walk the walk

The public’s view of refugees is influenced by politicians and the media who associate the term with fear and panic. On June 22, as part of Refugee Week 2013, non-government organisation Welcome to Australia coordinated Walk Together demonstrations throughout the country in support of refugees and human rights. The Sydney event was held in Parramatta. Marchers including union groups, religious and social justice communities gathered at Church Street near the Parramatta River. Ozi Batla of hip-hop collective The Herd performed at the post-walk festival in Parramatta Park.

Disability homes for young people

Jock Watson is one of 7,500 young Australians with a disability who has been stuck in a nursing home. A nursing home was the only place Jock could go to receive full-time care. Living with the elderly who were closer to the end of their lives than the beginning, Jock missed out on interacting with other young people. This changed recently when he moved to Sylvanvale’s Caringbah accommodation facility for people with a disability.

Policing the Mardi Gras

A YouTube video of a police officer allegedly assaulting a Sydney Mardi Gras participant sparked widespread debate about police law enforcement this month. The YouTube video shows a police officer throwing a handcuffed 18 year old to the ground and holding him down with his foot. The incident took place after the Mardi Gras Parade on March 2.

Showcasing Mardi Gras

A few weeks out from Mardi Gras, a pop-up museum in Oxford Street has been attracting visitors, and the celebrations have begun. The Sydney Mardi Gras Museum showcases the history of the gay, lesbian, sex and gender diverse Mardi Gras Parade and Party, from the 1978 protest to the present.

Building blocks for vibrant future

REDFERN: The Pemulwuy project Development Application was approved on December 21.

Negotiating community

MARRICKVILLE: The committee at Addison Road Community Centre (ARCC) has had some resolution to their concerns after the Supreme Court, on November 7, ordered Terry Cutcliffe to give possession of Westside Gallery forthwith to the Community Centre.

Addison Road Centre under threat

MARRICKVILLE: The Addison Road Centre (ARC) continues to be vilified – subject to property damage and its new board members harassed and bullied.

Early risers grow healthy and wise

LIFE Co-ordinator, Ben Bowen, says the program aims to teach Indigenous Australians about nutrition, health and anti-tobacco behaviour. “Breakfast is one of the most...

Become a Sydney local in a day

Two men sit casually sharing a conversation, enjoying a clear summer night. A lighting display burns the word “Redfern” on the balcony above. A stranger driving past pulls over and sees it as a perfect Kodak moment to document “Redfern inhabitants”. She takes the photo and continues on. If she’d returned the next night she might have found the same men in the same place – with one difference. If she had spent the time to learn about the people, who they were and what Redfern was about, she may have taken a slightly different photo.