Thursday, July 28, 2022

Kaushik Sridhar


Are we responsible for our own happiness?

Kaushik Sridhar says that if life were to give him a lemon he'd squeeze it on to a piece of Tandoori chicken and relish it. Here he offers a few more tips that have helped him to cultivate happiness and let go of negativity and frustration.

Week 1 at COP26 – news or noise?

Week 1 at COP26 saw an array of pledges from nations and organisations across the world – but are these promises enough to save our planet from disastrous levels of warming?

Lives or livelihoods? What’s the social cost of Covid-19?

We face an awful choice in light of the Covid-19 pandemic: Should we risk the lives of millions of people by reopening economies too soon or risk the livelihood of millions by opening the economy too late?

Are we ‘third world’ in flattening the Covid curve?

Since March 2020, I have experienced six Covid-19 lockdowns including the big ones in Melbourne and Sydney. In December 2020, I travelled to India...