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What shall we talk about?

How about Mark Latham and his column outlining how the patriarchy is a myth? Yeah because getting the vote in Australia in 1911, when all states fell in line, (if you were an Aboriginal female you had to wait until 1962) makes up for literally thousands of years in which women were forbidden to take part in the process of having a say on who governed them. Sure Latham, sure.

Maybe I should focus on the article written by the ever-awesome Julia Baird on July 18, 2017 (ABC) on how women within the Christian church deal with domestic violence. It’s a fascinating read, but this bit caught my eye: “American pastor Steven J. Cole concluded in a sermon that ‘a wife may need to submit to some abuse’.” Er. Next.

Prime Minister Turnbull passionately demanded answers about the inexplicable death of the dearly loved Justine Damon in Minneapolis while he simultaneously performed the well-rehearsed ritual of radio silence on the 24 women allegedly murdered so far in 2017. (Destroy the Joint – thank you for your work.) Perhaps those deaths were explicable?

In further news the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney says, “The biological difference between males and females affects everything they do,” as a way of explaining why women, in his church, aren’t permitted to be priests. That explains it, right? Clear as mud, thanks Archie.

Then there’s the letter being sent to all MPs across Australia, by a concerned citizen, about what we should be teaching our daughters.

He remarks, “Before I watch any movie or TV program I Google ‘cast of <movie/TV program>’ and then ‘nude photos of <the female cast members>’.

“Then I do not watch it if I get a hit and rarely do I not get a hit.

“Parents save your daughters from the all-pervasive influence of the filth; shield them from the filth by preventing them from being exposed to shows that the filth are in.

“If the filth is ignored they will die a natural death and a semblance of morality will return.”

I literally have nothing intelligible to say about that one.

Well there clearly IS plenty to talk about, and that’s kind of the problem isn’t it?

Women Dead in July: 2

Women Dead in 2017 so far: 24


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