Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Sweet success for the Story Factory

The event was billed as an Americana and Australiana baking bonanza, “the kind of feast where you can chow down on a fair-dinkum lamington alongside a slice of ma’s apple pie, a true-blue Anzac bikkie, a peanut-butter brownie or some delicious fusion of all of the above”. It did not disappoint! Most importantly, all funds raised were donated to the Sydney Story Factory in Redfern.

Pigeonhole Gatherings runs and promotes small, local, low-cost and free events centred around arts, culture and food. Katie explained: “We’re all about people coming together and making things happen, whether to publicise a community event, connect people so that they can put something together themselves, or run the entire gathering start to finish.”

With reference to the Sydney Story Factory, Lauren said: “We’re really excited about partnering with local organisations that are working in the community. There is so much good work being done right in our backyard. It’s a wonderful opportunity for local people to learn more about the needs and programs in their neighbourhoods.”

Twenty-two Sydney food bloggers contributed various sweet and brightly decorated desserts, including cowboy cookies, vegan cupcakes, poached cumquat almond cakes, jam doughnut cupcakes with cinnamon frosting, and canelés (French specialties).

“We’re so happy the rain held off today,” Swah said. “The support of everyone at the markets has been incredible and the whole event has exceeded our expectations.” Customers made a minimum donation of $2 per serving. Katie declared peanut butter the winner before Lauren chipped in: “No, the Sydney Story Factory is the winner!”

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