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So much more than a café

Undoubtedly the café’s true love is their coffee. One cannot turn one’s head without seeing a line of coffee machines occupied by experienced baristas hard at work. The seasonal change of beans means a new and exquisite tasting coffee every time you’re drawn back.

So much more than a café, The Grounds is home to a coffee researching and testing facility, a humble garden, a bakery, a florist and even a few farm animals, specifically Sydney’s most popular piglet, Mr Kevin Bacon.

Co-founder Ramzey Choker said: “Our customers are people who appreciate family values and surprising ingredients, love to stimulate their senses and spend quality time with quality people. It’s so alive.”

The experience, although not always cheap, is priceless. The café’s wholesome and rustic character is an excellent complement to the holistic approach taken in regards to the meals and their ingredients.

If you haven’t got time to wait the often expected hour and a half for a table there’s no need to miss out completely. The two open-plan dining rooms are divided by a large takeaway counter. Grab yours “to go” and take a seat outside under the stripped back pergola.

With work going on to expand the café, negotiations are taking place with The Grounds’ neighbour 4143, with the possibility of an eventual night-time experience for locals.

PR agent Emma Beattie said: “Think lots of green and grown-up spaces to complement family areas and offer the locals near and further afield more of The Grounds’ visionary experiences. In terms of design and styling, people can expect more of what they know and love The Grounds to exemplify.”

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