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Sculpture by the Sea 2014

Local artist and jeweller Pierre Cavalan is presenting his work for the second time, his first being in 2012. Taking its name from the second verse of the Australian Anthem, Boundless Plains to Share is his biggest work yet.

The title is a response to the issue of illegal migrants coming to Australia. Pierre says, “I think Australia has the lowest proportion of accepting migrants in the country compared to Europe, and other countries in the western world, who actually take a larger proportion [of] immigrants. We do have a large country and it is part of the national anthem that we should share our plains.”

Cavalan works from his studio in Arncliffe. His artwork usually features faces (as with his 2012 Sculpture by the Sea entry). However, for this year’s entry, he chose to go a different direction.

“My initial idea was to cover the whole cube with faces but I got seduced by the idea of the discs and created something. So it sort of happened organically where I moved onto something else and more circles.”

Standing at 277cm tall, the artwork features recycled pieces such as mirrors, film reels, plates, dishes, records, fan frames and bowls. “I recycle materials and I also recycle emotions,” he says. Using the recycled goods also provides sustainability and allows him to bypass the industries he calls “corporate giants.”

Cavalan was pleased to have been chosen again. “It’s wonderful! I love it. They receive up to 900 entries from all around the world and only a bit less than 100 people get selected.” He said. “I’ve only applied twice and I’ve been accepted twice. So far, so good.”

Starting in Sydney in 1996, the annual event also takes place in Perth and Denmark. This year’s exhibition will see 109 works of art with 33 of them by global artists from Argentina, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and USA.


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