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Restful park in need of restrooms

So many of us enjoy Redfern Park – a place of safety and refreshment, exercise and recreation. During the pandemic, we’ve come more keenly to appreciate the park and facilities as central to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Where better to meet with friends for a picnic? Where better to sit and talk, run or play? Where better to walk the dog, or commune with the bats and birds?

We love the plants and trees, pedestrian paths and lawn, intuitive play sculptures, historic fountain (beautifully restored), “Russell Crowe” skatepark (recently upgraded), basketball practise area, playground for young children, the grandstand and hallowed turf of the sports oval.

As wonderful as it is, though, there’s opportunity for improvement. The public toilet facilities, for instance, are seriously inadequate – just the one comfort station for hundreds of daily visitors and users.

The location of the lavatory, right beside the Park Café on Chalmers, is also far from ideal.

The SSH is aware that staff at the Park Cafe are often abused by people demanding the Council-owned facilities be opened or cleaned. For cafe patrons, of course, a mess in the bathroom is both unsightly and unhygienic.

It’s good to know that discussions regarding adequate facilities have commenced. Cafe owners will meet in person with City of Sydney representatives this month to consider improvements, including additional public toilets, which must be accessible, well serviced (regularly stocked and cleaned) and in a safe, well-lit location.

The City is responsible for the care and control of more than 50 public toilets. It is essential that the design and management of facilities keep pace with community needs and standards.

Are there other improvements you’d like to see in our park? Let us know your thoughts. Email

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