Tuesday, June 7, 2022
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Redeveloping Waterloo – a wrecking ball

The government’s reckless indifference towards some of the most vulnerable amongst us is only compounded by the shaky rationale for the new Metro line.

And even though much remains unclear and uncertain about the plan, there are some things we know all too well.

We know from the government’s own study into the forced relocations in Millers Point – the very report it tried to hide – that kicking people out of their homes of many years will wreak havoc on their lives.

We know that for years at a time, residents will be cut off from the long-established access to their everyday lives and support networks. Their doctor, pharmacy, social worker, supermarket, clubs, friends and family.

We know land around the new line will be handed over for ever-increasing density and not amenity.

And we know others living along a perfectly serviceable railway line will be without services for years.

The government knows all this too but has chosen the wrecking ball nonetheless.

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