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Quarantine routine – Emma

I realised Covid-19 had entered my consciousness on a brilliant sunny Sydney morning in early February. As I walked past a luxury liner docked at Circular Quay it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe I might buy some hand sanitiser. I headed for the chemist but they’d sold out. And so it began …

Then came the obsessive hand washing, followed by compulsive 24/7 monitoring of TV, computer and mobile phone screens. Boredom, bizarre dreams, middle-of-the-night jitters. The long phone calls and the hints of panic jumping up out of nowhere.

Living in a time when the primary goal is to stay safe by dodging an invisible enemy is surreal.

This month I spoke with Emma Giunti about living well despite the strangeness of our new normal.

“The virus has forced us to rethink the way we live our lives. There have been some very heartwarming stories of people supporting each other locally and around the world.

“I have two young children so I am definitely not at a loss for what to do!

“I am an ambassador for MS Research Australia’s The May50K campaign. It’s a virtual fitness and fundraising challenge which is highly interactive. Anyone can register online and walk, run (or any form of activity they like!) 50K over the whole month of May. People can participate in the comfort of their own home, backyard or local park.

“It’s important that we stay fit and healthy during this time and the May 50K is a great way to combine the two! It is also great to be able to achieve something special during this time when things seem to be out of our control. Anyone can register at

“I am keeping my routine as normal. However, I am adding in my daily walk to get my kilometres up for the May 50K.

“I think my main theme is connecting with people. I miss my yoga class, I miss having a coffee at one of the local cafes and looking out at the Redfern community walking by. We are a strong city community. Participating in the May 50K and helping the lives of people with MS keeps me focused and gives me a wonderful sense of purpose.

“My 6-year-old daughter Aggie would like to add the following: ‘I don’t like the coronavirus. I miss playing in the park with my friends and we don’t get to do fun things outside. I wash my hands very good.’”

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