Wednesday, June 1, 2022
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Regarding the relocation of local residents

The briefings provided an opportunity for these communities to raise their questions. FaCS acknowledged the lack of further details surrounding the redevelopment but outlined some possible scenarios, especially concerning the stages of the redevelopment and the relocation processes for each household.

Most residents expressed frustration and anxiety about the lack of additional information from FaCS since the announcement last December. Uncertainties around which precincts/buildings will be the first to be redeveloped, where residents will be relocated to and the conditions of the receiving housing are the main concerns for most residents.

FaCS restated the importance of communication with the community and invited people to direct comments or feedback to their Waterloo Connect office. FaCS staff also emphasised that residents need to be given at least six months notice before any relocation can take place. A relocation officer will be provided to discuss the needs and requirements of each household.

FaCS reaffirmed that the redevelopment is a long-term project and that its aim is to provide a better living environment for the residents. FaCS appreciates the patience of the community and will be holding more briefing sessions as information becomes available.

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