Friday, June 17, 2022
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Mayhem at North Eveleigh – revisited

I made an assumption that as several houses on the south side were affected and one in Holdsworth Street, that more were likely and had not been picked up. That probably remains. This is a subtle thing as all old houses crack, etc. I know of eight, three on one side of Wilson Street, four on the other side, and one in Holdsworth.

Yes, UrbanGrowth did organise dilapidation reports, six months late, but has not furnished them, nor given anything in writing to residents. Dust has been blowing off the site all year – I suspect some asbestos particles too.

They have managed the traffic but left bikes and pedestrians to fend for themselves. Pedestrian safety is horrendous and the numbers may exceed the numbers of cars, etc.

A clear separation between the regulator and the developer is the key issue. The City should be the planning authority for what is a small site in the scheme of things.

Residents would like the assistance of the City’s expertise in dealing with construction damage and cracking – what they would do under their watch – and also to achieve proper traffic management on the site.

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