Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Markets promote collaboration and community

GSM are run by the Rotary Club of South Sydney (RCSS) to promote collaboration and community. The “profit with purpose” orientation enables the markets to return the profits to the community through underwriting and supporting local initiatives, including non-profit organisations, scholarships and school-based projects.

Green Square is the fastest-growing redevelopment hub in the City’s local area – new families are moving in every day, while residents in long-established suburbs like Rosebery have lived there for generations. Sharing their love of food and other interests, community members of all ages are now connecting with each other at the markets.

Green Square residents, workers and visitors can learn more about the area’s history, people and culture by going to the markets. The GSM are helping to foster a more liveable and accessible city with a strong sense of community.

The markets may be managed by the RCSS, but they are also supported by the City of Sydney Council and the South Sydney Business Chamber.

Redeveloping Green Square into a vibrant and sustainable precinct is encouraging many architects, businesses and retailers to innovate, and local communities to be more creative and engaged.

“We want to assure collaborative spaces are established within the Markets and provide the community with opportunity and enjoyment as well as delicious fresh food and artisan products,” said Rodney Yannakis, President of the RCSS. Creating these markets is about promoting diversity, inclusiveness and local enterprise.

Joynton Park, near Gadigal Avenue, Zetland in the Green Square Precinct

Saturday between 9am–2pm.

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