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Major concerns over proposed cycleway

1. With the imminent Metro Rail scheme the pressures on Redfern train station will be reduced. If the metro station were to be located at Victoria Park in close proximity to the Sydney University area the reduction in demand on Redfern station and its immediate environ would be very significant. Is this the appropriate time to be discussing major traffic and pedestrian works in the area against an unknown demand background?

2. Due to the new bus route termination points in the city arising from the light rail project in the CBD the precinct membership is increasingly dependent on accessing the train system to travel to destinations within the CBD. The proposal to move the bus stop from Lawson Street to Redfern Street would have a negative impact on the ability of many of the precinct members to access Redfern train station due to both the increased distance away from the station and having to cross two major roadway systems, with the attendant safety risks, to access Redfern station. The adverse impact will be particularly experienced by the elderly and not so mobile precinct members.

3. The proposed removal of dedicated on-street parking spaces in close proximity to the Redfern police station for the use of first-response police vehicles is of concern. Any action taken that has the capacity to increase the time from when the police receive the emergency call to when the first-response vehicle is on its way poses an unwarranted safety risk. Would the fire brigade be made to park their fire engines some distance away from where their first-response staff members were based?

4. The proposed removal of dedicated on-street parking spaces in close proximity to the Redfern police station for the use of people, especially disabled people, who wish to visit Redfern police station creates a disconnect between the NSW Police and the community. It has the potential to create a barrier to the police’s ability to deliver services to all sectors of the community.

5. The proposed removal of kerbside loading zones whose prime purpose is to enable local small businesses to receive deliveries/have customer purchases picked up for delivery in a cost effective manner will adversely impact on the viability of those businesses, with the same adverse impact to flow onto the local community and their quality of life.

6. The proposed increase in bicycle traffic in the area raises safety concerns for pedestrians, especially those pedestrians who have mobility challenges. It has been observed that cyclists do not generally believe that the traffic laws apply to them, which adds to the probability of the pedestrian being hit by a cyclist. For the elderly this is a life-threatening situation as their bones do not heal and are more prone to breakage due to age. Broken bones frequently mean social isolation and quality of life deterioration.

Was it ethical for the current Council, whose very existence is under state government review, to create liability for a new council who may well have a different set of priorities?

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