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‘Life’s Tapestry’

Amid the whispers of time’s embrace,
In the tapestry of moments, they find their place,
Traces of existence, stories untold,
Invisible imprints, like secrets to behold.

Footprints in the sand, washed by the sea,
A fleeting memory of where we used to be,
Whispers of laughter in the autumn’s breeze,
Traces of joy, lingering as the leaves freeze.

Stars above carry light from ages past,
Traces of brilliance, in galaxies vast,
Whispering secrets of the universe’s song,
Through constellations, these traces belong.

In the echo of a long-forgotten rhyme,
Traces of poetry, transcending time,
Words once written, inked with emotion,
Leave their mark, a lasting devotion.

Aged hands-on weathered paper leaves a mark,
Traces of wisdom, a journey embarked,
Lessons etched in every wrinkle and line,
Traces of life, a story defined.

In the quiet spaces where memories reside,
Traces of love, hearts open wide,
Moments shared, etched on the heart’s wall,
A tapestry of feelings, woven to enthral.

So let us cherish these traces we leave
In the tapestry of life where memories weave,
For in each fleeting moment, a legacy’s born,
Traces of who we are, forever adorn.


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