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King of the kids at Erko

Ferguson’s ability was recognised this year when he was selected to represent NSW in the State of Origin series, which is widely recognised as the toughest team sport arena on the planet.

Off the field, Ferguson is battling a few personal demons. He is surrounded by great people, though, including Anthony “The Man” Mundine, and with Choc in his corner he will get there. Unfortunately, there are many people who are taking great delight in seeing Ferguson struggle. The old saying, what doesn’t hurt me can only make me stronger, is very apt with regard to Ferguson and he will bounce back an even stronger warrior.

For those who like to hate, they will be shocked to discover that every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, Ferguson walks into Erskineville Oval and helps coach the kids’ teams at the Alexandria Rovers. There is no fanfare, just a talented footballer helping out grassroots footy.

Here he is passing on his knowledge to all the kids, posing for photos and signing autographs. He attends games on the weekend, too, and never says no to any requests at the game.

Rovers club secretary Perry Johnstone states: “Having a current NRL player at training with the kids is brilliant. He is a genuine, likeable young man. The people who like to bag Blake need to come down to training and check out his work with our kids. We are the biggest football club in the inner city, and having Blake on board at our club is brilliant for the kids, and you can tell by the way Blake interacts with everyone that he is taking just as much enjoyment out of it as all the kids are.”

Ferguson’s ability is there for all to see and hopefully in the near future the only Blake Ferguson stories we hear are about him representing Australia and starring for NSW and carving up in the NRL.

To the people who like to be negative, then come down to a training session of the 15 teams at the Alexandria Rovers, and check out this “king of the kids”. You will walk out a believer and hopefully inspired to follow his lead and help out in your local community.

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