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Justin loves to chat about the world

Justin overcame his shyness and now enjoys vending. Photo: Supplied
Justin overcame his shyness and now enjoys vending. Photo: Supplied

It has been over a year since Justin first walked into The Big Issue office in Redfern to sign up as a vendor. Originally selling now and then Justin has become more regular as his confidence has grown. He can be found selling the magazine outside Kings Cross station many mornings.

“I got told about The Big Issue through a mate of mine, Scott, who has done it for a couple of years.

“It was pretty challenging for me at first because I’m a shy person and it was hard to acknowledge people as they walked past. It got easier as I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by approaching people and saying ‘hi’ to them. Eventually I felt a lot more comfortable out on pitch.

“It’s been pretty good and I’m in a good spot. Kings Cross has changed a bit since I first started and I think that’s to do with the lockout laws, but there are a lot of friendly people around the area, there are always people walking past.

“I have some very friendly people who come and say hello. We have a chat about the world and all that stuff. It’s pretty good, very enjoyable.

“Before I joined The Big Issue I was a store person and forklift driver at a few companies but I was unable to continue because of my back; I’ve got a bulging disc which pushes on my nerves. That affects what kind of work I can do. I’m very happy selling The Big Issue and turning it into a full-time role though.

“I’d like to thank all my customers for their support, even those people who come up and ask me how I’m going. I really appreciate it.”


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