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Festival Review: 2015 Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

One of the most interesting things was an art procession, exactly like religious processions that I’ve seen in Catholic Spain. At the fair, we saw couples holding paintings and strolling around with their art object like a ritualistic thing. The concept was fantastic in my opinion and it added to the event’s success.

Videoart was also featured, and I believe that we are really expanding our creativity in this area.

Over 90 galleries from 14 countries, covering four continents, were represented and offered cutting-edge art from some of the most famous international artists. Guided tours, talks and performances were organised in this huge place, and the crowds looked very pleased by what they perhaps didn’t expect to encounter.

I particularly liked the work of an emerging Australian artist, Naomi Hobson, whose colourful abstract paintings were so dynamic that they left us the impression that every one had an individual identity. She used a vivid colour palette and a unique gesture to create rich yet abstract compositions. It left us with the freedom to explore and grow.


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