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Fashion & Style: It’s not the label, it’s how you wear it

Although Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is all about designer labels showing their latest collections, there are simple yet effective ways you can implement the coming trends into any budget wardrobe.

Black is back and with good reason, such a versatile tone, slimming and a basic stable. When using black, keep material and texture in mind to create an effectively captivating look. Mixes of sheer, detailed material, or laces, are elegant and classic.

Prints will be huge this winter season, with many designers and chain outlets choosing to add jazz to current pieces by simply placing funky, fun, eye-catching prints. Prints complement most shapes and sizes – so long as you are confident and comfortable you can’t go wrong.

Suiting or tailoring is making its way back to Australian streets. This look provides class and defines style. Straight-cut tailored pants and cinched-in waistlines offer a sophisticated look with a chic twist.

Floral looks have been around for some time and continue to stay on the scene; they add a feminine touch and classic timeless effect. So simple, yet so beautiful, they can be enhanced with bold tones for a dramatic effect.

Monochrome, being a mixture of black and white is very noticeable this season. Designers all over have embraced this trend as the “it” look for winter 2013. Complemented by a range of fabrics and detailing, it has become a high-demand style.

These five trends will be found throughout major chain stores, designers and boutiques offering a range for low to high income. Use these trends when shopping for your winter wardrobe and you’ll be stepping out as fabulous as ever.

I’d like my readers to keep in mind a valuable quote I was once given: “Fashion is what we are offered four times a year, style is what you make it. Therefore it’s not about the label, it’s how you wear it, and confidence is the key.”

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