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‘Dancing is the best medicine’

They say laughter is the best medicine, but if your mind is not in the right space, how can you laugh?

Maybe they should say dancing is the best medicine. But again, if your mind is not in the right space, how can you dance? You must free your mind to gain the right head space and then you can laugh and dance freely! Both laughter and dancing really are mind medicine.

It’s a bit like really stirring banjo music. Have a listen to “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” by Earl Scruggs. The comedian Steve Martin (himself a banjo player) used to say: “You just can’t sing a sad song to a happy banjo.” Give it a try … sing along … “Oh grief and sorrow, mayhem and murder.”

This is funny but you understand what I am saying. Now just enjoy twirling around the floor in your living room, shaking your body. Believe it or not, you are now right in the dance. What is going through your mind? Are you thinking, “Oh grief and sorrow, mayhem and murder”? Goodness no! You are alive and happy and celebrating. You are feeling freedom, expression, space, joy and real happiness. You are free from fear, worry and negative stuff. You are communicating with your body … Now you can appreciate just how much influence the mind has.

Close your eyes. Let’s exercise the mind a bit. You only need to think of the word “dance”, and your mind can conjure up thoughts of free-flowing movement and the joy it brings. You don’t need to move physically; you are moving in the mind.

Now visualise free movement of your body, doing it anyway you like, trying strange moves like in a dream … If we desire more out of our life, we need to embrace the full freedom of movement in our body. But this can only come with freedom in our mind.

Compile a new set of happy songs, songs that lift you and bring out the best in you. Look to things that will promote your mental and spiritual well-being and allow you to grow to be more vibrant and alive. Open your eyes, open your ears, and listen to your feelings …

Here are some questions to ask yourself: Am I where I’d like to be and who I want to be? Am I currently limited by any restrictions to becoming who I want to be?

I would like to end with my very special Affirmation. Please repeat with me now: I Am the Dance!

Seda Star is a Redfern-based dancer and self-empowerment author. She will take part in the Mind Body Spirit Festival at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, Oct 17-20. Click here for information on workshops at Club Redfern on Sep 29, Oct 26-27, and Nov 30-Dec 1.

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