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City of Sydney Act amendments

There is a Bill coming up in mid August 2014 in the NSW Parliament to amend the City of Sydney Act. This provides an opportunity for the reinstatement of wards in the City of Sydney Council.

The wards model, which is not in place at present, creates an enhanced level of local representation for each ward.

The wards model provides for local councillors who are responsive to the community of the ward they are the elected representatives of. They can be held accountable by the community of the ward whilst representing the needs of local residents and businesses in each ward’s catchment area.

It provides councillors with the capacity and the time to develop a detailed knowledge of the ward they represent, and the needs of that community. It means that each councillor has greater opportunity to speak with individual residents and more time to assist in gaining resolution of their concerns.

If you feel that the adoption of the wards model, which the former South Sydney Council assumed, would enhance the level of service that you receive from the current City of Sydney Council and its councillors, you should contact the Shooters and Fishers Party in the NSW Parliament and make your views known. It is the Shooters and Fishers who are proposing to introduce amendments to the City of Sydney Act in mid August. Alternatively, you could contact the Shadow Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Sophie Cotsis, or the Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Paul Toole, and make your views known. All can be contacted at Parliament House by either phone or letter.

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