Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Blue Knot Day – new hope for healing

Blue Knot Day was established by ASCA as a day on which Australians unite in support of adults who have experienced all sorts of trauma in childhood, including abuse, neglect, family and community violence and other adverse childhood events. We all know someone who has been affected – a family member, a friend, a work colleague or even ourselves.

On Blue Knot Day communities around Australia come together to stand alongside one another with acceptance and understanding. This Blue Knot Day a number of religious communities held services, other groups of people got together for morning tea or lunch, wearing blue knots or blue knot friendship bands, the symbol of Blue Knot Day.

ASCA also held a fundraising dinner for its corporate supporters. Julie McCrossin kindly offered her services as MC. The night was poignant and very human, as well as funny at times too. We heard from Anthony and Chrissie Foster, ASCA Ambassadors, whose family has suffered the tragedy of loss from clergy abuse, as well as Rose Parker, another ambassador who as a singer-songwriter embraces her love of music as a tool for her recovery and her career as an occupational therapist as a tool for recovery of others. And the Guidelines were showcased as well.

It is timely that the National Royal Commission into child sexual assault has been announced, a fortnight after Blue Knot Day. ASCA has been calling for a Royal Commission for months and it gives an opportunity for survivors to come forward and be heard, for systems to be explored so that children in future will be kept safe and protected in a range of organisations and services. It is time to see recommendations for justice and accountability both of perpetrators and those who are complicit in covering up their crimes. It is also an opportunity for apologies, redress, compensation and ongoing informed therapeutic support for survivors so they can reclaim their lives and rejoin their communities.

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