Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Art shines a light on social issues

Among the exhibitions is Cause & Effect, a two-week visual arts exhibition by six artists, designed to shine a light on some of the more pressing social issues faced by our society.

The exhibition made me feel uncomfortable at times due to the challenge of its subject matter – sensitive themes such as war and conflict, environmental destruction, racism, social unrest and terrorism. But it also aimed to raise awareness and conversation around these issues, thus giving a voice to some marginalised communities.

Most of the artworks were provoking in one way or another.

Miriam Cabello’s paintings were so real and confronting. They reminded me of headline pictures we usually see in the tabloids. Her works inspire and connect with the cause to the extent that they leave you with a hope for a better future.

A videography work by Sherine Tan highlighting global warming also particularly attracted my attention. I was afraid a while ago that we spoke so much about global warming that we would end up forgetting about it. Thank you to artists like Ms Tan who help to keep the issue alive.

What disappointed me though is that I didn’t see any artworks relevant to a very important local issue – the displacement of the local population for the benefits of real estate developers.



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