Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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A missed opportunity?

After only initially organising two information sessions at Redfern Town Hall, additional sessions were added by UrbanGrowth after some advocacy by local organisations, including presentations to the Aboriginal, Russian and Chinese communities. UrbanGrowth representatives also attended meetings held by REDWatch and the Alexandria Residents Action Group.

Furthermore, Inner Sydney Voice and Counterpoint Community Services provided an independent drop-in session at The Factory before the June 20 deadline for residents to provide their feedback directly to us.

The UrbanGrowth NSW website states that “close to 250 people were engaged across 11 community engagement events”. Given the size of the Waterloo estate and surrounding suburbs this number seems disappointingly low. Particularly when you compare it to the number of people who participated in the visioning phase last year before the process for the estate and Metro Quarter uncoupled. So we have to ask, were people not aware of the opportunities that were available? Or did they not want to engage?

We should also keep in mind that to date the technical studies that inform the concept plans have not been released, meaning residents don’t have all the information in front of them to be able to provide informed feedback on what has been presented at this stage.

A summary of the community feedback will be published in July and will provide a basis for input to the statutory exhibition phase further down the track. If you did miss this engagement period then there is still an opportunity for you to have your say when plans are formally lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment.

We encourage you to work together in your community groups or attend local meetings where these issues are discussed and write submissions on what is important to you. Counterpoint and Inner Sydney Voice community workers are happy to assist in this process.

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