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Exit the King

Exit the King, written in 1962, is often described as the most accessible of Ionesco’s plays, and is generally read as a lament for human mortality.

Film – Stan & Ollie

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are regarded as the greatest comedy partnership in movie history, yet Stan & Ollie isn’t particularly funny.


Thank you to our volunteers for 2018

Indigenous spirit shines brightly

Indigenous Elders and First Nations peoples from around the world gathered for of Healing Our Spirit Worldwide, an event celebrating Indigenous identities and traditional cultures.

Dyeing and stitching our way to sustainability

The shibori and boro items on display in The Intuitive Thread exhibition at the Japan Foundation Gallery in Central Park, Broadway, as part of Sydney’s Craft Week in October, reinforced my love of these ancient processes.

Animations reconnect us with the plight of refugees

The colourful and intricate tapestry of Woven Threads, a new animated documentary series, reminds us that, regardless of creed or colour, we all belong to the same human family