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Residents share concerns about One Sydney Park development

A development application for 390 apartments and a retail complex has raised deep concerns from local community groups.

Frog-spotting in the park

Sydney Park this April played host to BioBlitz, a citizen science festival celebrating the city's growing natural diversity.

City battles for Alexandria traffic solutions

A significant win for Alexandria residents, with the introduction of a 40 km/h speed limit in most local streets.

Fix NSW Transport rally

Marching protesters stopped traffic in the Sydney CBD on Saturday February 17 as they rallied to ‘Fix NSW Transport’.

Dreadful state of transport

A wide coalition of community groups is rallying on February 17 to protest the dreadful state of transport in our state under the banner “Fix NSW Transport”.

WestConnex Stage 3 concerns raised at public forum

This is just ridiculously bad. People should be ashamed they put this into the public domain as a project, and we should make sure we let the government know that.

Community strikes back against WestConnex

Friends of Erskineville is hosting a public forum on Tuesday October 10 at Erskineville Public School from 7pm.

Unwanted budget gifts for inner city

Take for instance the atrociously misnamed Campbell Road and Euston Road “upgrades”.

Stop WestConnex Euston Road widening

With seven lanes of traffic to run 180cm from homes, residents have been advised not to open their windows.

Euston-McEvoy-Lachlan: ‘connectivity’ carnage!

The first Alexandria to Moore Park Connectivity (Euston-McEvoy-Lachlan) upgrade community consultation was held at short notice at a back-street venue (far from public transport) in another suburb. Worse was the sense of spin and disingenuous objectives attendees were left with.

Artists urge: ‘Adopt a tree to save Sydney Park’

An eminent Australian photojournalist and two significant Sydney artists mounted a free exhibition in Stanmore last month to highlight the importance of Sydney Park and its trees, and to enlist support against its destruction by WestConnex.

WestConnex: A rushed, billion-dollar bandaid?

WestConnex is another example of the ill-considered and poorly implemented initiatives that have been the Baird Government’s trademark.

Triple threat for WestConnex

WestConnex faces a triple threat.

Eyes wide shut, full speed ahead

Submissions questioned: the $18.6B cost of the project, tolls (up to $10 each way, or more);  the business case and the need for the...

Development dancing partners

Clover Moore’s response to the increasing development calamity in Erskineville can be summed up very simply – hypocritical, gutless buck-passing.

Fight to save green canopy

  There is currently an onslaught against trees, as huge infrastructure projects like the South East Light Rail and WestConnex begin preparation for large-scale construction....

WestConnex – ‘smoke stacks and mirrors’

The New M5 tunnel will terminate in St Peters and is expected to deliver 120,000 vehicles to two local roads.

‘Crown of Thorns’ a disaster for inner city

From 2019, the M5 will terminate at the interchange. The new M5 will have a carrying capacity of 150,000 vehicles per day, 50 per...

Diverse, safe, vibrant community: An interview with Jenny Leong

Greens MP Jenny Leong relishes the privilege of having been elected to serve the people of Newtown. The past month has seen her give an inaugural speech in parliament, set up an electoral office in King Street, and engage a host of constituents on key issues including the WestConnex project, the Central to Eveleigh development, affordable housing and the maintenance of “diverse, safe, vibrant community spaces”. It’s an exciting time for the newly elected MP who brings palpable enthusiasm and expertise in a range of fields well suited to her portfolio responsibilities: Arts and Creative Industries, Rental and Tenancy Housing, LGBTIQ and Human Rights.

Lauding local business and unique culture – an interview with Mark...

Mark Ely, president of the Newtown Business Precinct Association (NPBA) and the threats posed by the planned WestConnex motorway.

Making the right connections

More than 1,100 people have already indicated they will attend the “Party Against the WestConnex Motorway”, a Reclaim the Streets event to be held on December 13 at Simpson Park, St Peters.