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Print copies – find places near you

The South Sydney Herald (SSH) continues in print every month. The paper is available from a range of venues across all suburbs in South Sydney – from cafés, pubs and restaurants to shops and community centres.

Weave – gold standard for service delivery

Greg Benson is the interim CEO at Weave. He commenced work in May, in anticipation of co-founder Shane Brown’s long-service leave.

Beep beep, beep beep, yeah!

Mick Gooda’s observation regarding too many Indigenous people jailed for driving offences, is that a driver’s licence is a licence to live.

Editorial: Caring for mental health

We all go through hard times. Asking “what do you do to get through hard times?” is a way of foregrounding strength and resilience.

Clear pathways, brighter futures for young people

Weave Youth & Community Services has received a $1 million grant towards its innovative sports, arts, counselling and leadership programs.

Cleaners thanked for better than best practice

WATERLOO: In September last year Siobhan Bryson, Operations Manager at Weave Youth & Community Services, received a “cold call” from Daniel Jeon, Director of BestU Cleaning Management. Mr Jeon then paid a visit to Weave’s head office and women’s centre. Having been provided a quote for cleaning services, Ms Bryson informed Mr Jeon that although impressed by his company – “I could tell they’d do a good job” – it was simply not an affordable option for Weave.

Community services feel the strain

Late last year, Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO of the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), paid a visit to Weave Youth & Community Services to present the findings of a survey revealing that 80 per cent of frontline agencies are unable to meet levels of demand with current resources.

Know pride, no shame

As Mental Health Month rolled around again in October 2014, Weave Youth & Community Services embraced it with pride: Mad Pride. The theme this year was “Be YOUnique”, and the array of music and art on display served it well.

It’s time for Mad Pride

On Wednesday October 8, Weave Youth & Community Services will host a free event to celebrate the artistic and musical expressions of local young people.

Marathon looms for Weave supporter

Weave Youth & Community Services to benefit from marathon men's effort at upcoming Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.