Monday, August 8, 2022
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The promised land of sustainable development

For Central Park residents, “sustainability” has come at the cost of sunlight, amenity and freedom of movement.

Social mix: mantra masking reality

Rather than talking about developers selling off 70 per cent of a development on the private market to build 30 per cent of the...

‘We can handle the truth’

To date the government has only made four informal commitments to the community since announcing the project 12 months ago.

UrbanGrowth finally speaks about Waterloo public housing

It is a truth universally acknowledged that punters sitting through a government “consultation process” must ask themselves the question, “Are we being bullshitted?”

Green spaces under threat

Government plans for the redevelopment of the Waterloo public housing estate, with a population increase from about 2,000 to 10,000, will see the large...

The need for affordable housing

Affordable housing refers to “reasonable” housing costs in relation to income. A common benchmark is that affordable housing is housing that does not absorb...

An open letter to Program Developer Troy Daly

Except for two people, the meeting rejected high-rise. Many issues were raised: the inadequacy of the proposed park for 2000 new residents; the need for...

North Eveleigh towers will be too tall, says community

The “elephant in the room” identified by UrbanGrowth NSW’s Program Developer Troy Daly, and the primary source of concern for participants, was the newly...

North Eveleigh development fast-tracked

UrbanGrowth proposes a slightly expanded park on the western end of the site with the heritage Clothing Store becoming community and retail space rather...

ATP sale to proceed

The NSW government will offer the Australian Technology Park (ATP) by invited tender. The decision comes without the body in charge of the sale, UrbanGrowth NSW, having responded to concerns raised about the sale by the City of Sydney or local resident groups encouraged to make submissions.