Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Services on campus

The University in many ways is like a small city.

Jacaranda to live on

For many years our students have lived by the folklore that any undergraduate who fails to study before the tree's first bloom appears will...

Partnering for progress

Our research is the seedbed of innovation and we are proud that we will triple our investment in it by 2020. This is exciting...

Wingara-Mura design principles

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and engagement is a core component of our future and an essential part of our collective history. Five...

Connecting the community


Lift-off for Platforms 6-7!

When it was formed in 2012, the Lift Redfern campaign sought one lift immediately, as an interim measure, and the release of the timetable...

A campus for all

The Seymour Centre, for example, is a suite of theatres where many performances are held at very reasonable prices. There’s an excellent school holiday...

Strong case for Metro station at Sydney Uni

The University of Sydney believes that having its own Metro station would benefit locals, visitors, students and staff alike.

Festival holds more than a flicker of interest

There’s nothing better than seeing a film “live” – as it were – biting into a choc-top as the curtains roll back and the opening credits flicker across that magical silver screen.