Monday, August 8, 2022
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A missed opportunity?

The non-statutory period for the Waterloo Metro Quarter proposal, showing what will go above the station, has been and gone – you might have missed it.

Metro Quarter railroads public housing tenants

Undertakings given to public housing tenants broken as Metro Quarter exhibition is fast-tracked.

Metro fast-tracked ahead of estate redevelopment

After months during which it seemed momentum may have stalled, the Waterloo redevelopment master planning process accelerated toward the end of May.

Dig reveals 19th-century homes and household items

A heritage viewing of the station site on Botany Road, Cope and Raglan streets was conducted by Sydney Metro City & Southwest on Saturday February 10.

Unwanted budget gifts for inner city

Take for instance the atrociously misnamed Campbell Road and Euston Road “upgrades”.

Connecting the community


Sydney Metro – the monster returns

These high-rise apartment blocks will be built around the metro stations, not only to finance the construction of the line, but also to provide...

Strong case for Metro station at Sydney Uni

The University of Sydney believes that having its own Metro station would benefit locals, visitors, students and staff alike.

The case for a Metro station

The University of Sydney is excited that the NSW government is considering locating a Metro station at the University.

The Sydney Metro ‘consultation’

Tunnel vision: the Sydney Metro 'consultation' has been anything but a consultation, argues Darren Jenkins.

Sydney Uni station may meet its Waterloo

WATERLOO: After months of indecision, support is growing for a Sydney Metro station right in the heart of the Waterloo public housing estate.