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Volunteers’ News – September 2022

There's a lot happening ... take a look! Especially note: We're having an SSH Volunteers and Supporters Picnic – October 15, Redfern Park, 12-2pm – all volunteers and supporters are welcome.

An emusing tale – an interview with Alex Kendall Robson

Actor, writer and director, Alex Kendall Robson is elated that his most recent venture The Tale of the Great Emu War is finally making...

Global Fringe benefits

In 2019 the Sydney Fringe Festival featured more than 1,600 performances by over 2,000 artists presented across 25 postcode areas. In May 2020 Kerri...

Volunteers’ News – July 2020

Welcome to the Covid-19 winter 2020 issue. Can you believe half a year gone, and what have we got? Hope we all haven’t lost...

Volunteers’ News – June 2020

I hope the last month has treated you all well, especially now that some restrictions are being lifted. Daily, I’m finding it hard to...

Residents share concerns about One Sydney Park development

A development application for 390 apartments and a retail complex has raised deep concerns from local community groups.