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Good religion, bad religion

What many of us don’t realise is that what the media report are the new, the different, the unusual. The first three letters of...

St Joseph’s Newtown marks 150 years

NEWTOWN: The foundation stone of St Joseph’s Catholic Church was laid on July 31, 1866 and the building opened in May 23, 1869. It is a heritage listed building which holds a special place in the history of Newtown. The church is Gothic Sydney sandstone with original stained glass windows. The church stands for the 150 years of a church community committed to engagement with the local community.

Harmonious interfaith society – some ways forward

We need to respect diversity and promote goodwill across different cultural and religious groups, emphasises guest author Soofia Abbas.

Crossing art and religion

Despite a long and complex inter-relationship it is frequently said that art and religion don’t mix. This is the case especially for protestant and modern institutions and cultures, the former marked by suspicion of images, the latter by rejection of faith.

Sex and gender diverse believers

There is a commonly held view that a conflict rages between religion and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) community. Conservative Christian leaders continue to make public statements against LGBTIQ people. Most recently, leader of the Christian Democrats, the Hon. Rev. Fred Nile, made comments that homosexuality should be defined as a mental disorder. In response, many LGBTIQ people steer clear of churches and other religious institutions, fearful that they will experience discrimination and rejection.