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A bench seat to honour community champion

WATERLOO: On May 13, community leaders, volunteers and friends gathered at the Waterloo Neighbourhood Centre to remember Ross Smith (dec. 2016), and to unveil...

Waterloo South – for the local community?

WATERLOO: Last month, the NSW government’s redevelopment proposal for Waterloo South was placed on exhibition (until April 29). Since the redevelopment was first announced in...

Pub operation must protect and encourage heritage access

The major space for heritage interpretation at the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop is in Bays 1 and 2 of the Workshops. The southern part is...

Meet your new councillors

Amid lots of Council inductions, getting access to their Council emails and trying to recruit staff, two of the new City of Sydney councillors found time to introduce themselves this month.

More trees and sunlight give Waterloo South four towers

The exhibition of the planning proposal for Waterloo promised in January has not occurred. Tenant and agency representatives who attended two Department of Planning...

Will LAHC’s redevelopment profit pay for Aboriginal affordable housing?

The NSW government’s Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has a policy of trying to deliver 30 per cent social housing paid for by the...

Waterloo Human Services plan goes to consultation

The long-awaited Waterloo Human Services Action Plan, developed collaboratively by all sectors of our community, is ready for final consultation. The recent work of the...

Volunteers’ News – October 2021

I hope this month finds you all in good spirits and looking forward to some easing of Covid restrictions from October 11 for fully vaccinated people.

Common values and goals

On the occasion of our 200th issue there is much to celebrate. The SSH is the only community media with a newspaper reporting continuously in the inner southern suburbs.

Waterloo metro takes shape

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is hoping for approval to start work on the Redfern Station Southern Concourse before Christmas so it can use seasonal track closures. So expect activity at the station and occasional closures to the platform 10 exit.

Plans for Redfern and North Eveleigh

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is hoping for approval to start work on the Redfern Station Southern Concourse before Christmas so it can use seasonal track closures. So expect activity at the station and occasional closures to the platform 10 exit.

New city public housing redevelopments

LAHC has announced two new public housing redevelopments in the City of Sydney. It has put proposals for the redevelopment of Franklyn Street Glebe and Explorer Street South Eveleigh out for pre-lodgement consultations until December 11 (see the website).

Human services plan for Waterloo

Council has released some more LAHC masterplan studies relating to Waterloo South. Also, DCJ District has received funding to undertake work on human service improvements in Waterloo.

Integration crucial in Redfern North Eveleigh rail development

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has three separate sites in planning around Redfern station and North Eveleigh. SSH has previously reported on the proposed Southern...

Ministers agree to Waterloo cuts

Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) defunded the Waterloo Community Development, Aboriginal Liaison and Bilingual Workers (Mandarin and Russian) in June. Local organisations, Counterpoint Community...

Waterloo estate – half a plan

The six high-rise towers are not covered by the Waterloo public housing rezoning plan lodged by Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) with the City of Sydney. In an earlier LAHC staging plan, the excluded area is not redeveloped for 13 to 18 years. The towers are now divided into two new precincts, Waterloo Central (Banks, Cook and shops) and Waterloo North (Marton, Turanga, Matavai and Solander).

Council process for rezoning Redfern and Waterloo public housing

There are a number of opportunities for the community to have a say in the City of Sydney (CoS) rezoning process. Before the Land and Housing Corporation’s (LAHC) proposal is officially exhibited, it goes through a council process that makes the proposal and its supporting documents publicly available. This allows the community input.

Waterloo lacks human services plan

The Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ formally FACS) have not yet confirmed their commitment to the delivery of a Waterloo human services plan in parallel with the master plan.

Gentrification from local perspectives

The Redfern-Waterloo Tour of Beauty features prominently in the How the City Cares exhibition at Customs House in Circular Quay. It sits proudly among...

Station upgrade plans falling short?

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) held a short consultation for a proposed new six metre wide southern concourse for Redfern Station in the second half of May and early June - But it falls short of the full accessibility upgrade Redfern rail users seek.

Introducing Nina Serova

Nina Serova will work closely with residents and agencies to ensure that they have the tools and information they need to take their views on the Waterloo redevelopment to government.

Masterplan released – what is next

No residents will be relocated in 2019 and not for at least another 10 years for those living in the high-rises.

Community expertise undervalued

Restore support for public housing tenant services!

Testing times for Waterloo

Community days will be held 10-2pm on October 13 and 2-5pm on October 26 at Waterloo Green.

Build-to-rent model sparking community interest

Redfern Housing Estate redevelopment will be the NSW government’s first mixed housing site to use the build-to-rent model.

A missed opportunity?

The non-statutory period for the Waterloo Metro Quarter proposal, showing what will go above the station, has been and gone – you might have missed it.

Barriers to effective human service provision

Multiple residents spoke about a perceived lack of empathy or humanity from providers when trying to access services.

Still no plan for Redfern station upgrade

Another stopgap measure for Redfern station, but still no plan for a desparately needed full station upgrade.

Healthy start to better support services

Over 100 health practitioners, health administrators, tenants and representatives of agencies met about the current and future health needs of the Waterloo area.

Prosperity thanks to Eveleigh brain and muscle

Fine words about heritage stand in sharp contrast with a proposal to convert Bay 1 north into a supermarket loading dock.

Waterloo, forever

A community land trust would serve people, not profit, in perpetuity.

 Who’s who in Waterloo – April 7, 2017

A guide to the groups currently working on the Waterloo Public Housing Estate redevelopment.

Community formulates ‘alternative’ masterplan

The Waterloo Public Housing Action Group (WPHAG) is determined to see the Waterloo Estate remain in public hands. At a REDWatch meeting on February...

‘We can handle the truth’

To date the government has only made four informal commitments to the community since announcing the project 12 months ago.

Waterloo fog may be about to lift 

LAHC and Family and Community Services (FACS) with support from UrbanGrowth will commence the master planning process, including engagement and consultation, late in 2016....

UrbanGrowth finally speaks about Waterloo public housing

It is a truth universally acknowledged that punters sitting through a government “consultation process” must ask themselves the question, “Are we being bullshitted?”

Beauty shines amid social change

The first 15 of these tours were conducted up until 2009. This year, marking the 10-year anniversary of the Tour of Beauty, people are...

Update on ATP redevelopment

Two points of interest that have come out of the exhibition include the attempted increase in floor space, along with the question of building...

The need for affordable housing

Affordable housing refers to “reasonable” housing costs in relation to income. A common benchmark is that affordable housing is housing that does not absorb...

Disrespect of vital community

WATERLOO: It’s common knowledge that Christmas can be a particularly anxious season for many vulnerable people. The timing of the government’s announcement of plans to redevelop the Waterloo estate, and the means by which those plans have been communicated, strikes many residents and housing representatives as highly insensitive and disrespectful.

Healthy urban development

Elizabeth Harris, Associate Professor from the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity at UNSW, started the night’s proceedings with a presentation on the...

Putting the squeeze on public housing

Compact apartments with shared living spaces have emerged as the main affordable housing option in the controversial Central to Eveleigh Corridor Project.

See the ATP before it’s too late!

In its submission to UrbanGrowth NSW, the state-owned corporation responsible for the sale process, community group REDWatch pointed out that an approved subdivision appears...

Ten years watching over government, informing community

This year, the community group REDWatch turns 10 – a decade of diligence and dedication to ensuring the people of Redfern, Eveleigh, Darlington and Waterloo are prioritised, heard and informed.

Sydney to face population challenge   

While demographers and government advisors may argue about the predicted population increase to occur in Sydney over the next 20 years, they all agree that effective planning and actions need to occur now.

Peak-hour commuter congestion

A deep clean and a much needed commuter lift have all been given the green light for Redfern station, but there’s still no answer from the state government on the big safety issue of peak-hour commuter congestion.

Development corridor a dividing wall

EVELEIGH: Images of the proposed Central to Eveleigh urban renewal have been broadcast on Channel Nine, concerning residents and protection groups in the area.

Why is this happening? State government neighbourhood sell-off

Resident groups in Millers Point and The Rocks are protesting the state government’s plans to sell more than 300 homes. The public housing sell-off is widely considered a sell-out with regard to community and heritage values. The announcement by Community Services Minister Pru Goward to evict an entire community has bought disparate groups together, along with many concerned residents and citizens.

Sydney Uni – consultation disaster

Inexplicably, the University did not follow these requirements and included broad community comments from earlier consultations. The community groups only saw details when the...

Central to Eveleigh redevelopment – it’s big!

NSW cabinet recently decided redevelopment of the railway corridor stretching three kilometres from the CBD’s Goulburn Street car park to Macdonaldtown would be part of an international Expression Of Interest (EOI) process.