Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Farewell to Redfern Centre

REDFERN: Community groups have been asked to leave their home of 13 years to make room for church growth. On January 9, community groups farewelled the Redfern Centre, located at St Saviour’s Anglican Church. The old church hall came alive with around 64 friends reminiscing over their treasured experiences with the Redfern Centre.

Searching for the truth

One reality about being people of faith is that we can never claim to know the whole truth. Only God knows that. This makes it all the more important for us to have the courage and conviction to challenge each other and to enter into sometimes costly dialogue in order to search for what is true. In recent times, the congregation at St Saviour’s Anglican Church in Redfern has made significant changes to the way it will live out what it believes to be its mission.

Statement from St Saviour’s Church Council

The Church Council of one1seven church (also known as St Saviour’s Anglican Church) would like to express its appreciation to the management, employees and volunteers who have worked in the Redfern Centre to provide valuable services to our community.