Monday, August 15, 2022
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Double the Bangarra – Lore: Dance Stories of Land & Sea

Lore is both sensational and profound, powerfully exploring the concept of the title, a body of traditions and knowledge held by a group and passed on from generation to generation. In the two contrasting pieces making up this unique program, the Indigenous body becomes the means of handing on the past and documenting its transmutation in the present and finding, in the process, hope for the future.

Kylie Coolwell and the Battlers of Waterloo

It was a pleasant surprise as I waited outside The Factory for my meeting with Kylie Coolwell to see three familiar dogs rounding the corner and hear the familiar cry “Agro” before Kylie came into view. A well-known figure in Waterloo, Kylie Coolwell is the writer of Battle of Waterloo, which was an attraction at Wharf 1 Theatre from June 1-27. She is also the owner of Agro, Princess and Snoop.