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Shepherding resistance

I’m in the West Bank as part of a World Council of Churches program, to provide protective presence and monitor human rights.

Ein-Almaleh – a Palestinian nature reserve

The Jordan Valley was captured during the Six Day War in June 1967.

The River Jordan, let it flow

The Jordan River, which flows through Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Palestine, is like so much of the Middle East; it is troubled and in crisis.

Organic and Fair Trade gifts from the land where Christmas began

In biblical times Palestine was known as the land of milk and honey. Today, organic and fair trade delicacies from Palestine, including olive oil, couscous, za’atar and sesame are available across the other side of the world, here in Sydney.

Identity struggle under the occupation in East Jerusalem

The difficult daily life of Palestinians from Jerusalem: a firsthand account.

Inner West Bank support helps Palestinian kids at school

It’s a new year and Leichhardt Friends of Hebron are very excited about their latest project – supporting a school transport scheme in the isolated Palestinian community of Dkaika, a village so small it is not named on Google maps.

Gaza’s Ark brings welcome relief

Last year, I spent four months in the Gaza Strip working with the Gaza’s Ark project, a joint initiative of Palestinians in Gaza and international solidarity activists. Gaza’s Ark is challenging the illegal and inhumane blockade with a trade-not-aid focus.

Israeli historian laments ongoing oppression of Palestinians

The dissident Israeli historian, Professor Ilan Pappe, author of several publications including the book, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, and most recently, The Forgotten Palestinians, spoke to a packed lecture theatre at Sydney University on September 16. The event, organised by the Sydney Peace Foundation, Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Leichhardt Friends of Hebron, marked the beginning of Pappe’s Australian lecture tour, which included the Opera House’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas and the Edward Said Memorial Lecture at Adelaide University.