Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Remembering Terry (1970-2021)

The memorial service for Terry James Irving (17/6/1970–10/6/2021) at the Park Café on Chalmers, February 15, included spoken and musical tributes, tears and laughter. Those who knew him best remember a proud Bundjalung man, fiercely loyal, quick-witted – a lover of animals, music and painting.

A Community of faith

A variety of preachers at South Sydney Uniting Church during Rev, Andrew Collis's leave.

City cousins keep fair food connection

Last month, Food Connect (“fresh produce from local farmers at a fair price”) was taken on by another social enterprise called Ooooby (Out of our own back yards). Ooooby had decided to discontinue the “city cousin” program that sees fruit and veggies delivered for pickup to local collection points. However, after feedback from subscribers and city cousins, they have reversed their initial decision. The city cousin program will continue with one small difference – pickup is now on a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday. (There is also the option of free home delivery – please see the Ooooby website for details.)

Join the fair food movement!

Food Connect Sydney delivers seasonal boxes of sustainable produce direct from local farmers. The organic and chemical-free fruit and vegetables, free-range eggs and bread are delivered to City Cousins (coordinators at various pick-up points) each week. Food Connect pays farmers a fair price, builds community and makes real food available to city folk.