Friday, August 12, 2022
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MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS – That anxious feeling

Ever felt anxious walking home alone late at night? Anxious that you won’t make it to a wedding in time in this damn traffic? Anxious about a job interview or an exam or a big project coming up to its due date?

Ten little fingers and ten little toes? The greedy grasp...

Doctors used to generally only diagnose Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in infants who had certain facial characteristics or other birth defects that were clearly associated...

Goals and values

Some people do not consciously set goals but we all do it – even if we don’t realise that’s what we’re doing. “I’m going...

What is Bipolar?

Ever heard someone say, “I’m a bit bipolar today”? They usually mean they’re feeling a bit emotional, often more teary than usual or just feeling out-of-sorts. That’s not Bipolar.