Tuesday, June 14, 2022
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Why I spray-painted ‘OMID’ on Malcolm Turnbull’s Edgecliff office 

On Wednesday August 24, I faced Waverley Local Court for criminal damage. I had spray-painted the name of a refugee on Malcolm Turnbull’s electoral office. I chalked “OMID” over three nights, and spray-painted it on the last two. I did not mean to be caught. 

The phantom limb – living with grief and loss

Some typical ways that a person may experience grief: feeling stunned, or “reeling” or disbelieving of what has happened. Feeling numb and/or removed from...

Divine life is born among us

Christmas can be a special time for many people, whether they are religious, or not. Families come together and share food and gifts and there is a widespread sense of celebration. All communities need times like that – times when we pause from our usual patterns of life and give a new focus to the possibility of love and generosity. Of course, we can’t romanticise this.