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Waterloo estate – half a plan

The six high-rise towers are not covered by the Waterloo public housing rezoning plan lodged by Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) with the City of Sydney. In an earlier LAHC staging plan, the excluded area is not redeveloped for 13 to 18 years. The towers are now divided into two new precincts, Waterloo Central (Banks, Cook and shops) and Waterloo North (Marton, Turanga, Matavai and Solander).

Council process for rezoning Redfern and Waterloo public housing

There are a number of opportunities for the community to have a say in the City of Sydney (CoS) rezoning process. Before the Land and Housing Corporation’s (LAHC) proposal is officially exhibited, it goes through a council process that makes the proposal and its supporting documents publicly available. This allows the community input.

Build-to-rent rezoning proposal to Council

REDFERN: Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) submitted its rezoning proposal for the PCYC site and adjoining land at 600-660 Elizabeth Street to City of...

Waterloo lacks human services plan

The Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ formally FACS) have not yet confirmed their commitment to the delivery of a Waterloo human services plan in parallel with the master plan.

Preferred masterplan for the Waterloo estate

Consultation regarding the three options for the Waterloo estate has now closed. Elton Consultants are finalising their report on the community feedback on the three options.

Testing times for Waterloo

Community days will be held 10-2pm on October 13 and 2-5pm on October 26 at Waterloo Green.

Community Resilience Committee blossoms

“We now have 15-20 people in the Committee, and they have met four times. People are coming to me asking if they can...

Get involved, have your say

Now is the time to get involved, have your say and be a part of the future vision for Waterloo.

Independent assistance for master planning

Kira Osborne and Thomas Chailloux have started work to independently resource tenants and community during planning for the Waterloo redevelopment.

A winnable fight

WATERLOO: The southern corner of Waterloo Green is host to a 40-strong team of tent embassy representatives from the local community. They have set up to make it known to Premier Mike Baird and the multi-tiered state planning apparatus that the time for consultation is over.

Return of Glebe Youth Services

On December 30 the Land and Housing Corporation announced that the Glebe Youth Services (GYS) building at 84 Glebe Point Road, would re-open by mid-February. This was a relief to many in the community, as GYS has not been able to operate at capacity since they were locked out of the building on November 27.