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Like other faiths, Islam is radical as well as conservative

Susan Carland, lecturer at Monash University in Melbourne, has recently launched her book Women, Faith and Sexism – Fighting Hislam.

Senate stunt – the real cover up?

There is no attempt to discern nuances and shades of competing interpretation as to what makes a “good Muslim”.


Professor Lumbard is the editor of Islam, Fundamentalism, and the Betrayal of Tradition (World Wisdom, 2004), a collection of essays examining the religious, political...

Making our own good luck

For example, take the common words of wisdom, “you reap what you sow”. All three religious traditions warn us that what happens to us...

Harmonious interfaith society – some ways forward

We need to respect diversity and promote goodwill across different cultural and religious groups, emphasises guest author Soofia Abbas.

Faith in mining?

On Sunday October 14, people from a diversity of religious backgrounds came together at Christian Brothers High School in Lewisham to spend an afternoon exploring the ecological, social and economic issues associated with Australia’s mining boom.

Engaging the arts in Marrickville

The Marrickville Multifaith Roundtable (MMR) is a small group of faith communities in the Marrickville Local Government Area that meets regularly to promote a better understanding between people of different faiths and denominations. It is represented by faith groups from Anglican, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Uniting Church traditions.